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How secure is your software?

The dangerous reality of unsigned code

Unauthorized software exposes your organization to compliance concerns, data breaches, malware attacks, ransomware attacks, software release delays, and other threats that harm user trust and software integrity.


Authenticity and security risks

  • Difficulty in determining the authenticity of software on the network
  • Increased data and access risk due to the use of unsigned software

Allowing approved software

  • Legal and data risk associated with creating an “allow-list” of approved software
  • Possibility of unapproved software and ransomware being used and introducing security vulnerabilities

Firmware vulnerability

  • Risk for business and brand due to the ease of malware targeting firmware
  • Difficulty in detecting malware within the firmware

Tampering with published software

  • Brand image risk associated with the potential for published software to be tampered with
  • Possible introduction of security risks or malware or ransomware through tampered software

Rise above unauthorized software risks with CodeSign

The key to trustworthy software and secure code distribution

CodeSign by Aujas Cybersecurity addresses these challenges by providing a fast, scalable, and DevOps-ready solution that streamlines the code-signing process. Besides protecting enterprises against unauthorized software and associated risks, it also ensures compliance with industry regulations and security standards.

With CodeSign’s cutting-edge technology, you can sign your code quickly and easily, using the strongest cryptographic algorithms available to protect your software from tampering or modification or ransomware. Plus, our solution is lightweight and easy to integrate with your existing toolchain, so you can enjoy the benefits of secure, streamlined code signing immediately.

Establish software authorship and integrity

Digitally sign firmware and/or their updates to assure their authenticity and tamper-proof distribution to end-users.

Enable better access control

Centralize certificate and key management to consistently enforce security policies and role-based access.

Ensure device and firmware security

Leverage cryptographic signing schemes and tools such as Windows AppLocker to mitigate security risks.

Backed by cybersecurity experts

As an Aujas product, CodeSign is backed by expert engineers who are well-versed in the art of cybersecurity transformation. Purpose-built to cater to the specific needs of software developers, it serves as a comprehensive solution for signing software, updates, or executables, as well as policy enforcement, access control, certificate management, and secure key storage.

Why CodeSign?



  • Offers unlimited scalability with signing support for more than a million files a month



  • Supports 50+ file types, multiple operating systems, platforms, and CA
  • Supports multiple certificates (standard, EV, and self-signed certificates) across multiple platforms
  • Automates code signing process end-to-end establishing a unified way of signing



  • Supports both hash signing and entire file signing
  • Allows for plugin-based integration of new signings
  • Available in On-premise and SaaS model
  • Usage and signing-based licensing


  • Inspects files for malicious code with an enterprise-grade ransomware scanner
  • Integrates HSM and Secure KeyStore for signing keys storage
  • Controls every code signing activity with secure API, role-based approval, and automated audit trails



  • Integrates with CLI and DevOps pipeline and allows parallel file signing submission
  • Eliminates the burden of code signing from the developers' team
  • Provides a complete inventory of enterprise-wide code signing certificates

Code Sign from Aujas is a secure, automated, DevOps ready solution that ensures the integrity of your software apps. Aujas CodeSign now comes with Hash signing along with the file signing

Challenges with Unsigned Software

CodeSign from Aujas is a lightweight, automated, secure code signing solution to establish authenticity and integrity of the software that addresses these challenges efficiently.

Do I know the
authenticity of
the software
in my network?

Data and
access risk

How do I
software that
I approve?

Legal and
data risk

Is my firmware
an easy target
for malware?
Can I even detect it?

Risk for business
and brand

Is my
published software
getting tampered
in the wild?

Brand image

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