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Code Signing Solution

Now with lightweight and extremely rapid Hash Signing 

Establish Authorship, Maintain Integrity with Digital Signature

Code signing provides an assurance that firmware or firmware update has originated from a legitimate source.

Ensure secure distribution and secure update of the software using code signing and provide a certified product to your customers. Protect your brand image by signing your software products using the Aujas CodeSign solution.

Ransomware Protection for Internal Applications with Software Signing

CodeSign protects your infrastructure against unauthorized downloads, software updates and ransomware.

Enable and enforce application control and ransomware protection by combining CodeSign with allow-listing tools such as windows applocker.

Ensure Device & Firmware Security Using Cryptographic Signing

Code signing provides an assurance that firmware or firmware update has originated from a legitimate source.

Protect your devices using secure signing by Aujas CodeSign. Digitally sign your firmware or software and make sure that valid updates and patches are received from valid sources.

Secure your IoT devices from unauthorized access.

Code Sign from Aujas is a secure, automated, DevOps ready solution that ensures the integrity of your software apps. Aujas CodeSign now comes with Hash signing along with the file signing

Challenges with Unsigned Software

CodeSign from Aujas is a lightweight, automated, secure code signing solution to establish authenticity and integrity of the software that addresses these challenges efficiently.

Do I know the
authenticity of
the software
in my network?

Data and
access risk

How do I
software that
I approve?

Legal and
data risk

Is my firmware
an easy target
for malware?
Can I even detect it?

Risk for business
and brand

Is my
published software
getting tampered
in the wild?

Brand image

Backed by Cybersecurity Experts

As an Aujas product, CodeSign is backed by engineers of cybersecurity transformation. A product designed by engineers for the engineers. CodeSign not only makes the signing software, updates or executable easy but also takes care of policy enforcement, access control, certificate management, secure key storage, and provides a one-stop solution for application code signing.

CodeSign is available as a cloud-native SaaS offering and as a stand-alone on-premise virtual appliance.

Why Choose CodeSign



  • CodeSign is a scalable solution capable of handling large files and large volumes of data.
  • Handling more than 12 million file signing per year i.e., million signings in a month for a single customer.


  • Comprehensive file type, OS support and CA support.
  • Over 50 file types supported.
  • Supporting different file formats for applications for Windows, Linux and MAC OS.


  • Supports both Hash signing and entire file signing
  • Plugin based support to add new file type signing with quick turnaround time.
  • Flexibility to use any CA certificate or create your own self-signed certificate.

Highly Secure

  • Integrated malware scan to make sure files are free from any malicious code before signing.
  • Secure key management with access allowed only through authorized users and machines through secure API.

CodeSign by the Numbers



File Signings



Of Cybersecurity Expertise Backing CodeSign



File Types Supported For Signing

Key Features


Unified And Centralized

Automated code signing platform that consolidates the process at the organization level; establishes a unified way of signing.

Tightly integrated with the build process, to ensure the signing process is leak-free.

Support cross-platform, multiple certificate (standard, EV and self-signed certificates) support; instill more trust.



Extremely Secure and light weight Hash Signing feature available for signing

Enterprise-grade ransomware scanner to inspect files for ransomware.

HSM & Secure KeyStore Integration for secure storage of signing keys; implies more security, increases trust.

Role-based approval provides complete control over every code signing activity.

Automated audit trails make the process transparent for the Infosec team.


Development Friendly

Easy CLI integration with options to submit file signing parallelly.

Can easily become part of the DevOps pipeline.

Eliminates code signing burden from developers' team.

Complete inventory of all code signing certificates that are being used across the entire enterprise—no matter where they are stored or which certificate authority, they came from.


Easy To Buy

SaaS-based offering – cloud-native system built over robust AWS cloud.

Enterprise version – option of on-premise deployment with the same features.

Pay as use; Flexible payment model, number of signing-based licensing.

Getting started is easy!


Demo, Assessment & Scope Definition


Development, Testing & Rollout


Training & Full Deployment

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